Little Visitors

Meet our new volunteers!

Friend In Deed runs a Little Visitors scheme, where parents are able to take children of all ages into care homes and sheltered housing to play games, chat to and spend time with residents, building long-term friendships sustained by the continuity of regular visits.

Our scheme helps to enhance the lives of older people by facilitating engagement with children to brighten mood, improve mental health and promote integration in the local community. This meaningful interaction can also nurture empathy and teach new skills and knowledge to younger generations, whilst filling voids for those without their own grandparents.

Friend in Deed introduces residents and volunteers, joining them on their first visit and provides continuous support throughout this growing relationship to ensure the viability of the scheme for the future.


These Little Visitors have been busy brightening the day of residents at Broadland View Care Home.

There are proven benefits to interactions between young and older people – you only have to see the recent Channel 4 documentary ‘Old People’s Home for 4 Year Olds’ to see the benefits to residents, including improvements to:-

  • Mood
  • Mobility
  • Grip Strength (shown to improve resilience to other health problems)

Over 1 million people in the UK are chronically lonely and there is strong evidence that this can lead to Dementia. Physical contact releases hormones shown to reduce blood pressure, stress and increases mood.

With almost half of people in care homes and retirement homes living with some form of depression, a happy younger face can really brighten mood and improve feelings of self worth.

And the benefits flow both ways. Engaging with older people can fill voids of children without their own grandparents, promote empathy and teach new skills and knowledge.

The Mum of one of our little visitors had the following to say about their visits through Friend In Deed:-

“We really enjoy our visits for FID as she loves to meet people and you can see the impact she is making by seeing all the smiles she gets from the residents. I think it is important for her to learn from a young age to be accepting of all different groups of people including different ages. I believe we learn a lot from each other and it is great opportunity to create and share stories and memories.”

Word is starting to spread and we have some additional budding volunteers ready to promote kindness in the community. Sparing an hour of your week to visit some of our elderly community is a rewarding experience and what better example of kindness to share with your children.

If you would like to join us in spreading joy to the lives of care home residents, please contact us at