Be kind to animals

I have never been able to comprehend how anyone could harm an animal, it certainly isn’t in my nature to do so. When I see an animal, I just want make it feel safe and happy. I am going to look at various ways I can help animals and wildlife, but I have begun with the simple task of walking dogs that are waiting to be rehomed. I’d previously heard of Hillside animal sanctuary and the good work they do, but I was very impressed when I visited their site in Frettenham today.

Upon arrival I was directed to the kennels and had to complete a health and safety form. One of the kennel employees gave me some advice about the dogs and I was asked how I would feel walking specific breeds. I am comfortable with most dogs and when I was young we had a wonderful German Shepherd named Sheba. Volunteer dog walkers at Hillside are given well behaved dogs that are ready to be rehomed and I was partnered up with a beautiful Doberman called Rita.


I was armed with poo bags and given a laminated map of the area directing me to a stream. I spoke to Rita and stopped to stroke her occasionally to try and create a bond between us. The weather was perfect and we made our way down to the stream together.


Once we reached the stream I sat on the floor and Rita followed suit. She seemed at ease in my company and the feeling was mutual. I wanted to give Rita a big cuddle but refrained from doing so, I adore dogs but also ensure I respect them. A few moments later Rita leant towards my chest and rested her head there to be stroked and I knew I’d made a new friend.

The walk back to the kennels was very enjoyable and I felt marvellous from the experience I had connecting with Rita. I would highly recommend volunteering to walk dogs, it combines exercise with caring for animals and I know I will be doing this on a regular basis.


Rita was a pleasure to walk and behaved very well. The only difficult part was handing her back.


If you love dogs, this could be an excellent form of volunteering that will leave you feeling great. I know a few people that prefer animals to humans and with dogs like Rita I can understand why! If you have any questions feel free to comment below.

We are all aware of the risks animals face being in the wrong hands so always be vigilant and report anything that causes you serious concern.

Today was a very enjoyable day for Friend In Deed

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