Knitting for kindness

Following a few Facebook posts requesting donations, Friend In Deed has been supplied with a number of knitted items.

A great selection of knitted hats were provided that were taken to a night with the Norwich Soup Movement and given to the homeless.

A selection of knitted hats donated to FID

After conversations with many within the homeless community, having suitable footwear in the cold weather was identified as a real problem. So far, FID have had 2 pairs of quality walking boots donated and these have been a lifeline to their new owners.

One pair of boots with their new owner

We’ve also been supplied with blankets that have been given to residents at some of the care homes that FID has been involved with.

A bright beautiful blanket

These small acts of kindness demonstrate the community support that FID would like to promote.

If you are an expert knitter or know someone who would like to help, please email


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