Memory Box Project Part 2 – Supporting Elderly People with Dementia

Since our previous post, the students at ACE have been busy designing and building their boxes for the residents at Ashfields Care Home.

In February 2017 Friend In Deed and the students from ACE were able to present the completed boxes to the residents.

How great do the competed boxes look!

It was a real privilege to see the connection between the students and residents as they admired the finished boxes. The residents were so pleased and a few happy tears were shed.

We wanted to share some of the comments from the residents:-

Biddy, who was raised in Great Yarmouth and later moved to Blackpool, was raised by the coast and learnt to swim in the sea. Biddy’s box was made by Lauren and had a nautical theme complete with a cat to remind her of a beloved pet. Biddy was ‘gobsmacked’, ‘bowled over’ and said the boxes were ‘absolutely marvellous’ and ‘perfect’.

Biddy admiring her nautical themed box

Mr Chips, an avid Norwich City fan, received a green and yellow box from Tommy, complete with its own football pitch inside. Mr Chips said that the box was ‘terrific’ and that the project was so worthwhile and should ‘keep going’. Tommy said that seeing the look on Mr Chips’ face ‘made his day’.

Mr Chips’ box, complete with football pitch and Canaries logo

The final box was presented to Beryl, who was ‘very pleased’ and said that Billy from ACE was a ‘clever young man’. Beryl added ‘it’s a shame there isn’t a million pounds inside!’ This box featured lots of bright colours, flowers and some knitting needles to reflect Beryl’s love of the craft.

Beryl’s bright memory box


Beryl with her memory box

We also received some great feedback from the students at ACE who were involved in the project. Lauren said ‘it’s great, as it gives us a chance to do something kind’. Billy added that ‘it helped them and us’.

Hayley, who is the Activities Coordinator at Ashfields said that the project was ‘amazing’ and it was great to see the interaction between the two generations throughout the project.

We would love to continue the success of this project. If your school / youth group or care home would like to be involved, please contact us at

A huge thank you to Southern Aircraft Consultancy who provided donations to make this project possible.

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