Memory Box Project – Supporting elderly people with Dementia

Supported by students from ACE, Friend In Deed has been working with Ashfields Care Home to create memory boxes for a number of residents with Dementia.

FID and the students met with each of the residents to learn more about their interests, favourite colours and hobbies and have begun creating bespoke boxes.  These boxes allow the residents to store their personal possessions and keepsakes, which encourages recollection of past memories and people.

The hand-made boxes by the students from ACE

Studies have found that memory boxes can have a positive impact on people living with Dementia, containing items that bring people back to a happy moment in life and promote conversations on the subject.

Keep an eye out for future posts, where we will be sharing photographs of completed boxes and handover to the residents.

Some of the craft supplies purchased to decorate the boxes

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