Norwich City Dementia Action Alliance

Friend in Deed are proud members of the Norwich City Dementia Action Alliance. We encourage all organisations and businesses to take a look and join to support those in our communities living with Dementia.

Their principal aims are:

  • Ensure people affected by dementia have equality when visiting the city or using its services
  • Increase awareness of dementia across the city by recruiting a wide range of organisations and promoting the rollout of Dementia Friends awareness sessions of customer-facing staff, volunteers or members.
  • Engage the views of people affected by dementia as to their priorities and needs.
  • Establish a regular cycle of meetings for its membership, chaired by a committed and active person who can drive forward change in the city.
  • Develop a publicity plan to promote the work of the Alliance, its pledges and raise awareness of dementia services in the city.
  • Meet the needs of those living with dementia plus their carers within the Norwich area, sharing best practice of its members and the difference this is making to the city.
  • Submit an application for recognition as a community that is “Working to become Dementia Friendly” by March 2018.