Tackling Loneliness – Pen Pals

At Friend In Deed we are always thinking of new ways to tackle loneliness and with the prospect of some more intergenerational projects beginning after the summer holidays, we are excited about the impact we can have to try and reduce the amount of loneliness elderly people experience.

FID Director Kelly Lindsay writes…

My grandfather passed away when I was a teenager and that resulted in my nan living in Liverpool alone, over 250 miles away. Once she retired, apart from the blessing of having a few lovely neighbours, she spent the majority of her time in her flat and didn’t have a great deal of social interaction. I wrote letters to my nan a couple of times a week but in this era of social media and advanced technology, it is easy to forget about the wonderful feeling you get when you receive a handwritten letter from somebody.


Just a small sample of the letters and cards my nan and I exchanged


FID would like to start a pen pal scheme throughout care homes in the UK. Do you have a family member or friend that might like to send and receive letters to somebody else living in care? Do you work in a care home or know somebody that does? Although it is important to assist older people with modern technology, wouldn’t it also be lovely to let them embrace the joy of writing letters again.

Contact us via our FB page or email – hello@friendindeed.org.uk

Let’s work together to reduce loneliness!

My grandmother, Marga aka Captain